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5th walking test is out

2016-01-30 03:11:08 by shooterdash

Hmm as i  played in my flash CC i saw it's really smoth and okay but now i see it fast i don't know why

Should i keep use CC or go for CS6



4th walking test available!

2016-01-08 10:23:59 by shooterdash

Got it slow this time  :) 


Any advices?, PM me




Marry Christmas !

2015-12-25 16:38:46 by shooterdash

Today we give presents to each other here's one from me! 

4297368_145107950541_marrychristmas.jpgHope you like it!



Well i be damned! , I just animated !

2015-12-04 14:32:12 by shooterdash

Well  after like....Forever ,i animated something!


This is my first animation as you saw so expect shit :<


Anyways i'll be glad to get tips and more help at animating so i'll improve 

Here you go



Well sience it got blammed and the test is in the dumps the details will be here because i can't put description on dumps for some reason ,anyway


Total Frames: 220

FPS(Frames Per Second): 35.0 

Total time of work- Aproxemitly 1 and a half hours.

Movie dump:


Update #2: Heres my second walking test that i want to show to you guys i just made it


Update #3: Theird Walking test avilable!

Still opened for animating advice  i'm also will be greatful if the advise will be on feet movement thats the usuall hardest part when i'm animating.


Finally found my new career on Newgrounds.

2015-11-05 17:09:17 by shooterdash

So  looks like i found my career in newgrounds

Well it's a screenshot maker. 

I simply opening flash 8  and starting backround sprites and all and starting to posing untill the screenshot will fit

Heres my art that i just created 

Name: The Legendary Duo




Please rate comment and follow me  , hope you enjoy it :D





My character..

2015-11-03 15:01:13 by shooterdash

Meh i'm bored 



Ok so look   here guys 

Sience i don't know how to animate i found another idea!

I made a new gmod screenshot series related to the  madness series , well it's a spin off and no it doesn't contain the madness models but still

Hope you'll like it :D 

The art link

There is the screenshot for you if you wanna watch 


Hope you enjoy! 



2015-10-20 13:46:49 by shooterdash

That was a long time sience i logged in last time (somehting like 2 years)

forget it

2013-03-23 18:59:18 by shooterdash

sorry in the first weeks iwhen i get a mecrimedia flash 8 i just try to animateing but sorry i was very canfused im very sorry im not want to troll you and im not tmakeing this post for troll but sorry first madness project has been canseled im very sorry for you waiting so much time


2013-01-07 11:12:37 by shooterdash

i'm just set n the computer and think for asecond how my madness chaecter look so now i think and think and then i got an idea "ha ha now with that idea i will craet my charecter" the idea was "hmm im very like army games ha! i will craet acharecter with soldier suit + soldier helmet and then im enter to macromedia flash 8 and start craet then when i finished im enter to the bandicam and im press on the boutton "take apicture" then this file become to be an image

click on this link if you want see him

look in the picture in left (its not the icon)

update : right now you can see him in this post